Our Mission

The purpose of Connect the brain is to share our knowledge, expertise & experience providing trauma informed practices.

I can say this with confidence after serving 7 years with Els - She is a visionary who will go to great lengths to help people succeed. She has an innate ability to share her dreams with others so well that she elicits their help. She has moved mountains for the the type of kids who have no one to speak for them.
— Jerry Vallotton Assistant Principal

About us

After 25 years of working with leaders in non-profits and for profit organizations all over the United States and internationally, the founders of Connect the Brain, an affiliate of Learning Keys, wish to share the lessons learned along their incredible journey of seeking personal and organizational growth for their teams and clients.  We have learned that it is the ability to make connections that leads to high performance.  Individuals and teams must work to grow themselves and their teams.  It does not come naturally.  We have studied how the brain works in individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives and we have studied how to build relationships that have a huge effect size on the capacity to build high performing teams and organizations.  Leadership is key to growing any team. Our expertise and experience can help your team and you personally.